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New York Rainbow Cookies Gift Box


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If you are from New York you more than likely know about the famous Rainbow Cookie. Rainbow Cookies have adorned the bakeries in New York for years and have become a favorite of those who have moved on from our beloved state. Ours have a moist, dense, delectable almond flavor that bursts on your palate. Our authentic rainbow cookies are made with tremendous care as three layers of cake are separated by raspberry jam and tactfully covered with bittersweet chocolate. This is one of our favorite products here at Famighetti due to its flavor, texture and New York Nostalgia. Makes a great gift. 

Have them delivered anywhere! 
New: Rainbow cookies are now offered uncut to retain almond flavor & moisture. Just slice & eat! 
To order Pre-Cut cookies please click on "weight" scroll down tab. 
Number of Cookies per pound: 1.25 lb: 28-30,  2.5 lbs: 56-60, etc
Packaging: Ordering your rainbow cookies from means your receiving your cookies in climate controlled packaging and they will not be crushed by the time your recipient receives them. We ship them secured yet presented beautifully!
NOTE: most shipments go out same business day they are ordered;  however during busy seasons please allow one business day after purchase for processing orders.  
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