Nostalgic gifts from home 

It's what we do

Famighetti New York Pantry is an e-commerce business dedicated to delivering supreme quality Italian and New York products to x-New Yorkers, American Italians and others who love New York style foods. All of our products are representative of Famighetti's roots in Italy and New York, and are carefully chosen to represent the desires and heritage of our buyers. Our mission is to offer our customers the simplicity and nostalgia of yesterday by bringing them gifts they used to purchase from their local bakery or butcher. 

Our History

At the turn of the century an Italian Immigrant from Benevento Italy crossed the Atlantic Ocean to New York where he began a new life. His name was Pasquale Della Ratta. After settling in New York, Pasquale met Josephine Famighetti from Brooklyn-she would become his wife of 50 years. Pasquale and Josephine had a large family and opened the Roslyn Harbor Dairy, a farm from which Pasquale delivered his dairy products door to door. As an Italian family in New York with 4 children, food played a regular role in the home! Josephine could turn any of Pasquale's ingredients, from the garden and pantry into culinary masterpieces. Generations later those traditions would continue with their daughter Sarah and Grandson Peter.  

Famighetti Italian Pantry began with the desire to bring Italian style products from New York and Italy to those who either miss the food in New York or simply love Italy and its culinary expressions. It was from here we developed a vision to bring "nostalgic gifts from home" to people who yearn for the culture we are so proud of. 


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